Report: 36 underage drinkers cited in raid at Mingo County nightclub

The Williamson Daily News reports the Borderline, a Williamson nightclub, was raided Jan. 5 and 36 people were cited for underage drinking. (Williamson Daily News)

West Virginia State Police and the state Alcohol Beverage Control Administration raided a Mingo County nightclub and issued 36 citations to patrons for underage drinking, the Williamson Daily News reported.

The newspaper said the raid at the Borderline Bar and Grill on East Third Avenue in downtown Williamson occurred Jan. 5 after officers from both agencies were performing a routine spot check.

State Police Sgt. M.S. Lively of the Williamson detachment said the officers acted on several complaints about underage drinking at the establishment.

Those cited ranged in age from 17 to 20, and will have to appear in Mingo County Magistrate Court.

The newspaper said the Borderline has been cited several times in the past on the same charges. There have been reports of fights outside the club in the past few weeks, and police said there have been complaints about the establishment in the past several months, the newspaper said.

It was unclear whether any action has been taken against the nightclub regarding the Jan. 5 incident.

The newspaper said Tim Deems, enforcement director with the Alcohol Beverage Control Administration, said he could not comment about the investigation since it is ongoing.

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