More rallies planned in protest of Kentucky education reforms

Teachers rallied Wednesday afternoon in Lawrence County Kentucky against Governor Matt Bevin signing pension reforms into law, and proposed net budget cuts. (WCHS/WVAH)

Teachers in Lawrence County Kentucky chanted “vote them out” during an after school rally on the Lawrence County High School football field Wednesday.

K.E.A. Union Representative Scott Osborn told the crowd of public employees that passed pension reforms and proposed budget cuts in Frankfurt could hurt students in the county like senior Bradley Copley.

“I really support education,” Copley said, “I really do. I support it a lot because I want a future.”

Copley only had 25 days left to graduate, but said he still cares because his mom teaches at nearby Fallsburg Elementary.

“She’s down there more than you think,” Copley said, “you say they work eight hours a day. They really don’t. They’re working 12.”

Superintendent Robbie Fletcher said the pension battle is now in the hands of attorneys with attorney general Andy Beshear suing to block the implementation of Senate Bill 151, but net budget cuts are still on the table.

Governor Matt Bevin vetoed the legislature’s budget and tax plans leaving a world of uncertainty if the legislature doesn’t override it.

“We’re being asked to fight for a bill that we don’t like, but we’re afraid of what the alternative would be,” Fletcher said.

Copley said no matter how the vote swings, he hopes legislators vote with teachers and students in mind.

“Please look and please think about that before you put that pencil or pen to paper,” Copley said.

Kentucky union leaders are calling for another rally in Frankfort his Friday.

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