Mingo County Sheriff's Office issues warning about 'Momo Challenge' received by kids

The Mingo County Sheriff's Office is urging parents to monitor their kids' social media after complaints that middle school children received the "Momo Challenge." (Photo: Pixabay

The female image is disturbing, a pale face framed by long stringy hair and orb-shaped eyes. Its accompanying message is even more frightening.

Now the Mingo County Sheriff’s Office is urging parents to monitor their children’s social media accounts after complaints that kids have received messages with the image that encourages them to take part in a dangerous challenge.

A post on the sheriff’s office Facebook page said complaints were received this week that indicate middle-school children have received a link or message to participate in the “Momo Challenge.”

The sheriff’s office said the challenge encourages participation in a series of tasks that sometimes escalate to violence and self-harm, including suicide.

The Washington Post published a story in September 2018 about the challenge, saying there are questions on whether the challenge is real or a hoax. Officials in multiple countries, however, believe the game’s final challenge is suicide, and there are reports it could be linked to several minors who committed suicide.

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