Milton hot dog stand voted for best hot dogs

    Shaffer’s Drive-In in Milton received the most nominations for their hot dogs. (WCHS/WVAH)

    As part of our Foodie Friday, we asked our viewers on social media what place has the best hot dogs in the tri-state area.

    After the viewers chimed in, we packed up our gear and headed to Cabell County.

    Shaffer’s Drive-In in Milton received the most nominations for their hot dogs.

    Becky and John Shaffer opened the hot dog stand 11 months ago. Owning a business was something they’ve always wanted to do.

    "We looked around town, and this place just happened to be the right price for us,” said Becky Shaffer, co-owner of Shaffer’s Drive-In.

    Becky loves to cook, but perfecting the hot dog sauce was not an easy task. It took about three months, six different variations and a lot of taste testing.

    "It does take about six hours to make our hot dog sauce,” said Becky Shaffer. “It is cooked here daily right here on this stovetop, and then served up to you warm, hot and juicy."

    Of course, a West Virginia hot dog isn’t complete without the slaw.

    Shaffer’s slaw is her mom’s family recipe passed down from generation to generation, and it has some secret ingredients as well.

    “Our last cup of sugar that goes in it. That's an ingredient that a lot of people don't realize is in our cole slaw. That does make it sweet,” said Shaffer.

    The sauce and slaw are served on top of perfectly grilled Angus beef hot dogs.

    "A lot of people want it the West Virginia way, which is sauce, mustard, onion and slaw,” Shaffer said.

    Shaffer's Drive-In is open year-round.

    Next week we're looking for the best tacos in the tri-state area.

    Head over to our Facebook page to submit your nomination.

    We'll be contacting the place with the most nominations on Monday morning.

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