Miller and Ojeda: Where they stand on gun control

Miller Ojeda Race

With the 2018 midterm election just days away, House candidates Richard Ojeda and Carol Miller are campaigning to the late minute.

Guns are a major topic midterm candidates will have to face in the wake of mass shootings like Parkland High School in Florida, and most recently, the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting that killed 11 people.

"I think they're deplorable, and I feel so badly for the people in that synagogue,” Republican Carol Miller said.

Miller said she believes the solution to mass shootings lies in increased services to people who are mentally ill.

"We have a shortage of things that have to do with behavioral health. It all boils down to that,” Miller said.

Democratic opponent, Richard Ojeda said he agrees, but takes it a step further saying he wants to launch a national anti-stigma campaign for the mentally ill.

"We need to remove the stigma so that people who say that they may need some help in that area can feel free to do so,” Ojeda said.

Both candidates said they wouldn’t consider control measures like bans on certain types of weapons, limited ammo capacity, or restricted accessories.

"I carried the weapons of this nation for 24 years, and, once again, I think it's important that we maintain our second amendment rights,” Ojeda said.

"We have plenty of restrictions on the books right now,” Miller said.

Miller and Ojeda have similar stances in a race that’s as divided as any.

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