Marshall University remembers the 75 who died in 1970 plane crash

The annual Fountain Ceremony at Marshall University draws hundreds to the event. (WCHS/WVAH)

November 14, 1970 is a date that will always be remembered at Marshall University. That's when the football team, coaches, supporters and flight crew, 75 people in all died in a plane crash returning from a game in North Carolina.

"Today we remember the 75 lives that ended too soon," said Matt Hayes of the Marshall University Alumni Association, as 47 years later Marshall University still remembers those lives lost with the annual Fountain Ceremony

"Emotionally it's hard. It's real hard," said David McCoy, a member of the 1970 freshman football team that could not travel with the varsity players. He felt the need to be at this year's fountain ceremony. "I don't know how many more years that I have that I can come and pay my respects," said McCoy.

Keynote speaker Fisher Cross is a senior at Marshall. He lost his grandparents in the crash. "Seeing as many people were here today and are here every year, it reminds you and keep you humble and keeps you granded that it still mean something to people around here," said Cross.

"It's kind of like going to see family after that amount of time," said Red Dawson, one of the coaches of the 1970 team.

After laying a wreath at the fountain the water was turned off. "The empty fountain reminds us that in the spring we will turn on the flowing waters and once again celebrate rebirth at Marshall," said Marshall University President Dr. Jerome Gilbert.

The fountain is turned back on for the Green and White game in April, but a date for that game has not been set.

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