Kanawha Valley radio legend Al Woody passes away

Al Woody, co-host of the Morning Air Show on 97.5 WQBE, passes away Thursday at the age of 67. (Courtesy: WQBE)

"An 87-year-old woman came home early from bingo, found her husband in bed with another woman," Al Woody said. "Angry, she became violent and ended up pushing him off the balcony of their apartment. which killed him instantly. When brought before the court on charges of murder, she was asked if she had anything to say to defend herself. I figured that at age 92, if he could still make love then he could surely fly."

As co-host for the Charleston market's number one morning radio show. Al Woody entertained thousands of people for the last 38 years. Those who were getting started with their day or while they were heading off to work. Woody died early Thursday morning after a short stay at CAMC Memorial.

His radio partner for the last two decades said Woody had a special gift for making people laugh.

"It was very easy for him," said Jeff "Jeffreys" Whitehead, co-host of 97.5 WQBE-FM Morning Air Show. "It was a natural. It's an untrainable gift that he had. And it's also an irreplaceable gift. That's the part that breaks my heart. You won't hear another Al Woody."

After growing up in Sophia, Woody took radio jobs in Raleigh County, and even worked in Nashville at rock 'n' roll stations.

But he would find his true calling on the airwaves of 97.5, where he took the country station to No. 1 and kept it there for decades.

"Because of him, our radio station has been very successful. And you can say what you want about country music, you can say what you want about promotions, you can say what you want about programming, but we are successful because of the humor of Al Woody," Whitehead said.

Those who knew him best say even if you never met him in person, if you listened to him on the air, that was the real Al Woody.

"Al said the best advice he got, just be yourself all the time. And he took that advice and my gosh did it work, whoa!' Whitehead said.

"I've sure gotten old," Woody said. "I have outlived my feet and my teat. I've had two bypass surgeries, a hip replacement, new knees, fought prostate cancer and diabetes and I'm half blind. I can't hear anything quieter than a jet engine. But thank God that I still have my driver's license."

Al Woody was 66 years old.

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