Local girl gets to live dream of being CEO at Goodwill for a day


One first-grader in the area had big goals of becoming a chief executive officer when she grows up and Friday she got to live her dream.

Ava Johnson, 7, wrote a school paper at Kenova Elementary in Wayne County about how she wanted to be the CEO of Goodwill. On Friday, she got her wish when Goodwill in Huntington put Ava in charge. She toured several of Goodwill's facilities and has plenty of activities planned including lunch with several other women leaders.

Ava said she wanted to be CEO "because they get to run all of the Goodwills, and I love Goodwill. I'm obsessed with Goodwill."

She said she loves the store because the clothing comes in color and not size "so when I walk into Goodwill all I do is I go to the purple section."

Ava even had an idea to host a fashion show featuring the store's merchandise, which Goodwill is planning to do in December this year.

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