Amy Shuler Goodwin sworn in as Charleston's new mayor

Amy Shuler Goodwin takes the oath of office as she is sworn in Monday as Charleston's new mayor as her children and husband, Booth Goodwin, look on in City Council chambers. (WCHS/WVAH)

Amy Shuler Goodwin officially became the first female mayor of Charleston during a swearing-in ceremony Monday at City Hall.

The swearing-in ceremony took place during the City Council meeting in council chambers.

"Together we are going to try new things," Goodwin said. "We will dare to experiment, and when we experience some missteps along the way, I'm sure we will do so, always in the process of elevating this city and her people,"

Newly elected council members, Police Chief Opie Smith, City Clerk Miles Cary, City Manager Johnathan Storage, City Treasurer Victor Grigoraci and Municipal Judge Anne Charnock also were sworn in at the meeting.

The new mayor said she is excited about the new team she has assembled to lead the capital city. When she announced the appointment of Storage as city manager, Ariela Alpert as the director of strategic management and Kevin Baker as city attorney, she said they "share the same passion and forward-thinking vision as I do for our city.”

As the new City Council is ushered in, Goodwin said previously she hopes partisan politics will not have a role on council or her administration. She said the new council is "a collection of folks from all different backgrounds and different neighborhoods within the city, across the state and across the country who are going to add substance to some of the policies that we want to see pushed forward."

The new mayor has said the city's budget rises to the top of her list. Public health and safety and conversations about new policy initiatives also will take center stage, Goodwin said in an interview in November.

Goodwin is the first new mayor Charleston has had in 16 years, succeeding Danny Jones after his four terms in office. The change in leadership comes at a turning point for the city with a new $100 million convention center, record numbers of homeless, a shrinking population and trouble getting new business to relocate here.

Another challenge the city and new mayor will face is responding to the situation with the struggling Charleston Town Center, scheduled to be sold at auction Jan. 24 on the courthouse steps.

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