Lawyers begin to process 2014 water crisis claims

Homeowners and renters directly affected by the 2014 water crisis will get $550 each, attorneys say, if they submit a claim. (WCHS/WVAH)

On Oct. 16, lawyers started to process claims by the hundreds of thousands of people affected by the West Virginia Freedom Industries water crisis.

That weekend lawyers hosted an informational meeting for people affected on how they can get their share of the $150 million settlement with West Virginia American Water following the MCHM chemical spill from Freedom Industries into the Elk River.

To apply, go to, pick a category that fits you, fill out a form and turn in the claim.

“This is a settlement that puts money in the people's hands,” Stewart Calwell of Calwell Practice said. “So it wasn't settled on the basis of you get a free case of bottled water. This recognizes that the interruption that it caused in people's lives and there should have been and now there is compensation for that.”

The attorneys said homeowners and renters will get $550 each plus $180 for each additional person in the household. Women who were pregnant by Jan. 9, 2014, will get $1,500. Medical claims can be paid with evidence of harm and businesses can recover their losses during the crisis.

Victims have until the end of February to file their claims.

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