Large amount of biohazard medical waste found on porch of abandoned house in Charleston

Emergency officials say a large amount of hospital waste was found on the front porch of a home in Charleston that is located across from a playground. (WCHS/WVAH)

Charleston firefighters said hospital trash and medical waste on the porch and around a home on Morris Street is a public health hazard.

Charleston's building commissioner went to check on the home, located at 107 Morris St. Charleston Fire Department Lt. David Hodges said the abandoned home has been a cause of concern from neighbors for quite some time and has been on the city's radar.

Hodges said old syringes, IVs and other biohazard waste was found on the porch. They believe it was taken from a nearby emergency room or hospital and sorted through to find syringes.

"If they find a syringe laying on the street, they will grab it and they will reuse it. They have the mindset that they can rinse it with water. Some of them go so far as rinsing it in bleach. These are reusable products to them," Hodges said of the criminal vagrant problem in the city.

There is a park located across the street from the home.

"When we were first getting here, there was a whole group of children from the church day care that was crossing the street directly in front of the residence and these kids were literally within feet of a large amount of bloody, biohazard waste, open sharp syringes," Hodges said. "I feel maybe this was out of desperation. Someone say maybe a sharps container in the trash or maybe watched this being disposed of and they grabbed it and ran. This is sheer desperation but the effects that this could have on the community and the children is overwhelming."

Right now, the city is trying to figure out who is responsible for the cleanup.

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