Kentucky governor has strong words for Democratic opponents in gubernatorial race

    Demonstrators stand outside Kentucky capital in Frankfort. (WCHS/WVAH)

    Kentucky is one of three states that will elect a governor in 2019.

    With the primary six months away, so far there are three candidates in the race, and already the campaign is heating up.

    "They are not very well qualified. They don't have any background in business. They don't understand what is needed," said Governor Matt Bevin, a Republican, referring to his two Democratic opponents in the gubernatorial race.

    Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear and former House Minority Leader Rocky Adkins are running against Bevin.

    "This once again shows the lack of decency by the person who would claim to be the leader of this state," Beshear said.

    Adkins said any comments made by Bevin are disrespectful to somebody.

    The governor's strongest words were aimed at Adkins, who says lawmakers should take another look at tax incentives from the state that may not be working.

    "(Adkins) says we are giving away too much, but the reality is this, whenever there is an effort to not give away so much he is against it," Bevin said. "He talks out of both sides of his mouth. He is a hypocrite and we really don't need a hypocrite for governor."

    Adkins responded, saying the current tax incentives are outdated.

    "All I'm saying is what is on there that is maybe not productive anymore," Adkins said. "What is on there that is out of date. What is on there that is costing Kentucky money that is not being beneficial."

    Both Adkins and Beshear said they don't pay attention to comments from the governor.

    "The governor says a whole lot of things about a whole lot of people. I got to the point where I ignore that," Adkins said.

    "Nothing about my relationship with the governor is personal to make. These are jobs where you serve the people of Kentucky and your ego can't get in the way," Beshear said.

    The primary is in May, and voters choose a governor in November. Mississippi and Louisiana also have elections for governor in 2019.

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