Kentucky schools prepare for students to return for first day

    Lawrence County High School teachers prepare for first day of school. (WCHS/WVAH)<p>{/p}

    Set your alarms because schools in Kentucky are starting this week and there will be some new changes to Lawrence County Schools.

    School officials say this year they are focused on student learning and safety.

    "The big push for this year will be personalized learning. Each of our teachers are drafting students to be their coach throughout their high school, middle school and elementary careers to say, 'hey what is it that you need and what would you like to do with your life,'" Superintendent, Dr. Robbie Fletcher said.

    The school has also teamed up with Louisa City Police and the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office to ensure school safety by adding two school resource officers to patrol the hallways.

    "We want our parents to know that we're doing everything possible to make sure it's safe," Fletcher said.

    One will be stationed at the two county schools while the other will be at the four schools within the city.

    "We have a small city of only a few thousand people so there's no where else in city limits where there's going to be 700 citizens in one place even if they are juveniles they're still citizens and they still need protection," Officer Julius Musick said.

    Teachers have also been trained to keep their doors locked at all times during class period and cover their door windows.

    "I think the biggest thing is making kids feel safe around police officer and feel safe at school because we're not an enemy, I'm not here to catch them or take them to jail, I'm here to protect them and serve the and be useful to them," Musick said.

    Superintendent Fletcher said the goal this year is to be all in and put all students first.

    "We want to make sure that every single student not only has a champion at home but they have a champion here," Fletcher said.

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