Kenova needs $2-million or water line extension project dies

This is part of the plans for the proposed water line extension project. Kenova needs $2-million dollars for it to continue. (COURTESY: City of Kenova)

The City of Kenova needs $2-million. A May 30th deadline is looming to come up with that money, or a water line extension project that is meant to give that part of Wayne County an economic boost dies. Businesses would like to see the project become a reality.

Zimms Bagging along Route 52 in Wayne County is keeping a close eye on whether the proposed water line extension project from Kenova's Water Treatment Plant to the Heartland Intermodal Gateway happens.

"It would not only improve the quality of the water that we have that is coming in this direction from the City of Kenova, but would give us a balance of flow and pressure and maintain it," said Tim Burgess, Vice-President of Operations at Zimms Bagging.

After getting grants and doing design work on the water line extension project, Kenova city leaders say the project will die if they can't come up with $2-million in matching funds. Councilman David Scites says it's a cost that city leaders don't want to pass along to Kenova city residents.

"The county and the West Virginia area is going to benefit from the intermodal. All we are going to do is take water to them," said Scites.

Scites says city leaders have been trying to find the money somewhere, but with no luck. "We're hoping that the good politicians of this area will step up, knowing that this benefits not only this area but the State of West Virginia," said Scites.

"If you want people to live in Wayne County. If you want businesses to grow in Wayne County, you've got to have the infrastructure to support it," said Burgess.

The deadline to come up with the money is May 30th.

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