Records: Man faces fraud charges, admits to stealing mail from more than 20 mailboxes

Court records say Doug Williams faces several fraud charges after taking people's mail and using the information he found inside to steal money. (West Virginia Regional Jail)

Court records said a Kanawha County man faces several fraud charges after taking people's mail and using the information he found inside to steal money.

When Lisa Priddy returned home from vacation, she noticed something wasn’t right.

"I went to my mailbox, and there wasn't anything there, which is very unusual,” Priddy said.

Priddy went to the post office to try to get to the bottom of it.

"He had actually delivered four pieces of mail to me, none of which was in my mailbox that Friday when I returned home,” Priddy said.

Priddy eventually figured out that someone had been stealing her mail to get personal information, make charges on her credit cards, change her pin numbers, and forge her consent on cashing out her 401(k).

The postmaster also told her that a man had come into the post office more than once, showing his identification and saying he was the woman's boyfriend, and that he needed to collect her mail.

"The post carrier and the postmaster were very supportive in this, and they indicated that they would be more than happy to do whatever it takes to find some justice in this situation,” Priddy said.

Both the postmaster and mail carrier were able to help West Virginia State Police identify a suspect. Doug Williams now faces several forgery charges.

Priddy wasn't the only victim. According to the criminal complaint, Williams admitted to taking mail from more than 20 mailboxes just in the last week.

"Good people need to stand up. If anybody's been victimized, now is the time. Please come forward. There's power in numbers,” Priddy said.

Now Priddy is gathering information of all the fraudulent transactions charged to her name and to her neighbors, and working with them to get their finances back on track.

"If other individuals would have come forward and tried to do some of the things that I'm doing now, they would have possibly saved myself and a lot of other individuals from the same type of situation,” Priddy said.

To help keep this from happening to you, the postal service just expanded its Informed Delivery Program. It now covers our entire viewing area. You can sign up to get a picture of the mail that should be in your mailbox before it's delivered every day.

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