Kanawha County Commission puts plans in place for new Clendenin Library

Plans are in place to replace the old Clendenin Library that was destroyed in the June 2016 flood. (WCHS/WVAH)

Clendenin is still a work in progress after the devastating flood in 2016, but one important facility in the town is set to be replaced.

At the Kanawha County Commission meeting Wednesday night, plans for a Clendenin Library were announced. It's a project the commission will be funding with hopes to see it replaced as quickly possible.

Now it's up to Clendenin leaders and the library board to get it started.

"It's important to young folks, our teenagers, and the elderly of town, because a lot of people don't have computers, so a lot of people could just go there and get books and read and reading is so important, and they've lost that, they have no place to go or even do their homework sometimes,” 25045 A New Clendenin Inc. Executive Board member Kay Summers said.

Summers and Councilman Dave Knight are on the 25045 A New Clendenin Inc. Executive Board and have been working closely with the Kanawha Library Board to come up with a plan.

"We're going to receive $50,000 to help build out the library. We’re real excited about getting the library back open for the community,” Knight said.

The money was given generously by the county commission.

"If this takes a little extra money to get this done and get this moving, the sooner the better,” Kanawha County Commission President Kent Carper said.

It will fund construction of the 3,400-square foot space underneath the Clendenin Health Clinic.

"It would not be coming back if it were not for Commissioner Carper and General Hoyer," Summer said.

"We thank them so much for not forgetting us and to help us keep rebuilding Clendenin," Knight said.

In addition, FEMA money was reimbursed to Metro 911 and fire departments across the county to refund their fuel costs, workers compensation and lost or damaged equipment and to thank them for their continuous work.

"During that time period, during those weeks after the flood the members did work extra hard, a lot of extra calls, it was a lot of work,” Pinch Volunteer Fire Chief David Wagoner said.

The new space is not expected to the permanent location for the library, but it is expected to last several years. Plans for the new library space are expected to be completed within the next few months.

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