Job fair held for Elkview Crossings Mall businesses

Crossings Mall in Elkview has been closed since its bridge was washed out in last year's flood, but the mall will soon be reopening. (WCHS/WVAH)

The Crossings Mall bridge in Elkview is almost finished and many of the stores in the mall are preparing to re-open and some were looking for workers today at a job fair.

Finally, we can say the bridge is close to being completed. Kanawha County Commission President Kent Carper said now that the concrete is poured, the bridge just needs time to cure.

He expects the bridge to ready for use by the end of the month, but it may not be open to the public for a few more weeks as crews will still be working in the area moving equipment to and from the shopping center.

Seven of the stores met with applicants Wednesday so they can come back in full force as soon as the bridge is reopened.

Construction on the crossings mall bridge in Elkview, finally bringing back job opportunities to the area.

Diana Coiner has been out of work since the devastating flood more than a year ago, but went to the job fair hosted by Goodwill in Charleston in hopes of securing a job soon.

"When you got to depend on everyone else to help you pay your bills and buy your food and take care of the things you're use to taking care of, not just for me but for everybody,” Coiner said.

She applied for a job at each of the six businesses at the job fair hoping to increase her chances of finding the best job for her.

"I’m going to apply at all of them and gamble on which one hires me first."

McDonald’s also held a job fair at the Patrick street location.

Director of Community Relations for Goodwill in the Kanawha Valley Kathy McKinley said she is most excited for the people in nearby neighborhoods who will no longer have to travel to buy simple necessities.

"People that come in from Clay County and the surrounding areas will now be able to do that again so we're looking forward to hiring a whole new staff, rebranding the store and bringing them back in for a good community shopping experience,” McKinley said.

Goodwill along with CVS will be hiring for various positions from cashiers, all the way up to managers.

Coiner said the job losses in the area have affected everyone around her and she is ready to get back to work and support her family.

"My whole family, there's a lot of us in there, and when you have a few incomes left it makes it hard for everyone,” Coiner said.

Kroger will be holding a separate job fair Thursday and Friday at Elk View Middle school from 2 p.m. until 7 p.m.

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