Hurricane firefighters rescue cow stuck in creek

    Hurricane firefighters rescue a cow that got stuck Sunday evening in a creek off Hurricane Creek Road. (Courtesy: Michelle Burton)

    Hurricane firefighters take on an animal rescue that turned out to be not so ordinary. A 2,000 pound dairy cow named "Charlotte" somehow got stuck in a creek, and firefighters, neighbors and even a wrecker service worked together for a successful rescue.

    "She is a very sweet and gentle cow," said Ron Allen, Charlotte's owner.

    It's been a hectic 24 hours for the dairy cow. Sunday evening Charlotte somehow got stuck in a creek, and crews worked for three hours trying to get her free using nylon tow straps.

    "Dig out some mud and basically fish them underneath her, and see-sawed her back and forth till got in place, made a sling out of two straps and used a winch to get her up out of there," said Chief Rob Savage of Hurricane Fire and Rescue.

    "When I got there the cow was kind of lifeless. She was halfway in the creek and halfway out. The men got her out of the creek and they were trying to keep her warm," said Michelle Burton, an eyewitness to the rescue.

    The thinking is Charlotte wanted a drink of water and somehow slipped into the creek.

    "Her legs and knees were under her in the creek and I couldn't get her up," said Allen, pointing out he just happened to look out the window and saw that Charlotte was stuck. He spent a couple hours trying to get her unstuck before emergency crews arrived.

    "She wasn't able to lift her rear up at all. Probably because being somewhat arthritic and also being confined in the area she was in the creek," said Allen.

    After the rescue Allen says he worried about Charlotte because she was laying on her side and would not stand up, but Monday morning he says Charlotte did stand up on her own and is doing fine.


    The Hurricane Volunteer Fire Department is experienced at coming to the rescue, but this time there was a twist – it was to help a stranded cow.

    Mayor Scott Edwards said in a Facebook post that the fire department received a call Sunday evening about a cow that got stuck in a creek on Hurricane Creek Road.

    “A team responded and worked meticulously to get this cow out of the creek and moved to safety,” Edwards said. “They covered her in blankets and directed heaters at her as she was very cold. At this point, she is still not standing on her own, but everyone is hopeful she makes a full recovery, as she does have a calf to take care of.”

    The mayor thanked firefighters and Hurricane Wrecker for pitching in to help with the rescue.

    “A lot of folks don’t realize the types of calls for service that fire departments receive. Some think they get called for house fires and car wrecks, but that’s definitely not all,” Edwards said.

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