Huntington V.A. has first Veterans Day parade

Honor Guard leads first ever Veterans Day Parade at Huntington V.A. Medical Center. (WCHS/WVAH)

Veterans Day is Saturday, but there have been celebrations going on all week around our area. There seems to be a bit of a generational gap when it comes to who attends those commemorations.

"Used to be you would see a lot of kids there, but now it's more just older like the middle to older person," said James Stowers, an Army veteran.

"It's ingrained in us. That's the way we were brought up to be patriotic, to pay respect to the flag, to respect your elders that most veterans are older people," said Scott Brown, the Honor Guard Coordinator at the Huntington V.A. Medical Center. He believes one reason for the widening generation gap is young people are too far removed from wars. "We got some great young people that are serving today, but the force is smaller than it used to be when I was in, and so that leaves fewer family members to support we veterans and honor us at these things,' said Brown.

Jeremy Estep says the Veterans Day generation gap is actually closing, with Iraq and Afghanistan veterans coming up through the ranks. "It feels great. It brings a tear to your eye and hard to breathe because at the end of the day people do care, and when people say thank you for your service you believe what they are saying," said Estep, an Army veteran.

Busy schedules are perhaps one of many reasons why there aren't as many young people at these celebrations, but veterans hope people won't forget to thank a veteran for the freedoms enjoyed today.

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