Huntington group travels to Greenbrier County to assist in flood relief

    A group from Huntington known as the Do-Gooders is working to help out flood victims.

    The group drove from Huntington to Greenbrier County earlier this week and went door-to-door offering help to those who needed it.

    One of the main organizers of the Do-Gooders said they had no specific plans, they just showed up and did whatever they could to help.

    "Well, the plan was to wing it, to get here and just jump in where they needed us, and that's exactly what we did as soon as we got here. We immediately got out and walked the rest of the way that cars couldn't get too and we just went door to door," Anthony Hancock said.

    See more of the Do-Gooders' story this Sunday on the River Cities Report at 9 a.m.

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