Huntington family urges missing teen to come home

16-year-old Daniel "Danny" Fulks of Huntington was been reported missing Monday. February 4th. The Fulks family is asking for community help in getting Danny back home safely. (WCHS/WVAH)

Investigators continue to search for two missing teenagers from Huntington.

Daniel "Danny" Fulks and Alexis Basenback have been missing for almost a week. They were last seen in the Huntington area and officers need your help to locate them.

The family of Danny said this is something no parent ever wants to face.

"We checked and he was gone," Danny's mother, Laura and father Bert Fulks, recalled the daunting memory of walking into her 16-year-old son, Danny's room early Monday morning to find no sign of him and only a note left behind.

"It basically said, "I love you guys so much but this world isn't for me. I need to go live out in the wild," Laura said.

A junior at Huntington High, Laura described Danny as a friendly, quiet and loving kid who never got into trouble.

"No big blow up fight, he had been quiet the night before," Laura said.

Police said they believe Danny is with 16-year-old Spring Valley High junior Alexis Basenback who is also reported missing. Danny turned his phone off and Basenback left her phone back at home.

"I looked on his Instagram that he followed her and she followed him," Laura said. "I've never heard her name before."

Laura said Danny was last seen driving one of their family cars, a red 2001 Ford F-150 extended cab with a West Virginia license plate 6ML794.

Danny's sister Katie and brother Ben both came back home from college to be with their parents during this painful time.

"I'm worried about his safety, that's the number one thing, I want him home and I want him safe," Laura said.

The Fulks wanted to send a message to Danny to let him know he's loved and begging him to come back home.

"We all love you so much and it's time to come home," Laura said. "If you can come home, reach out to anybody we'll get you home. You're not in trouble, we just want you safe."

Anyone who sees Fulks or Basenback or has any information on their whereabouts is asked to call the Huntington Police Department at 304-696-4470.

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