Huntington community helps disabled man in need

Neighbors and friends came together to build a ramp for Stubbfield for easy access into his home. (WCHS/WVAH)

Huntington neighbor Patrick Stubblefield hopes his new house in Westmoreland will be his home for many years to come. This is his third move in just a few years. He said finding a home that fits his needs is difficult.

"There are not homes in Huntington fit for disabled people," Stubblefield said. "It is really difficult to find a home."

Stubblefield lives with Cerebral Palsy which requires him to use a wheelchair to get around. Just a few months ago he lived in a home with more than 20 stairs leading up to the front door. He shared his story on social media, and the post was quickly shared across the world.

"When you see someone in a wheelchair just know there is more to their story," Stubblefield said. "People might say 'well he is in a wheelchair he must not do anything.' There is a lot we can do. There is also a lot we want to do, but we can't because we are told no. This is a reason why so many people are disabled and homeless. Many are on a fixed income and they can not come up with the first and last month's rent. I am also on a fixed income, and it is hard"

Stubblefield is a part-time professor at Marshall University. He teaches computer repair and video game design classes. After the post was shared neighbors and friends from across the community pitched in to build him a ramp that helps him get inside his new home more easily.

"I really appreciate especially my friend Will for helping me put this down," Stubblefield said. "I still thank all of these people from the bottom of my heart. It's crazy. I had people who didn't even know me coming out to help."

There are still many obstacles around his home to fix. Stubblefield hopes to make the ramp longer, smooth out the porch and make sure the floors in the home are level enough for him to get around. He will start a new semester teaching computer and design classes this January at Marshall University.

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