West Virginia's Third House District race heats up

    The West Virginia House Race is heating up between Carol Miller and Richard Ojeda. (WCHS/WVAH)<p>{/p}

    We are over three weeks from away from election day, and one of the many contended races is turning out to be West Virginia Third Congressional House District. The election between Democrat Richard Ojeda and Republican Carol Miller. Eyewitness News was going to overview the race for viewers but ran into issues from one of the candidates.

    Carol Miller was set to join Lara Trump on a tour of the Dutch Miller car dealership in South Charleston Thursday, but the rain and flight issues canceled the event. The campaign did not make Miller available for questions, and a spokesperson said the event will be rescheduled.

    As the days pass, Democrat Richard Ojeda said he's not stopping going into November. Our interview with Ojeda went on as scheduled and he seized on the opportunity to go after his opponent for not speaking to media.

    "(Miller) Who really is only riding on coattails of President Trump, is basically telling them to trust in me, and in reality, how can you trust someone that doesn't have the guts to stand in your face and speak directly to you," Ojeda said.

    Ojeda's said he's been visiting people in all counties in the Third Congressional District and hears their concerns especially surrounding the opioid epidemic.

    "I believe we should give people a non-addictive form of pain management instead of always relying on oxycodone and hydrocodone; I think the companies out there, the big pharma companies should be held responsible,"

    Ojeda said he hopes people do research on their candidates and that he's always available if you want to know more about where he stands.

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