House panel OKs larger raises for teachers, State Police, school service personnel

The House Finance Committee approves larger pay raises for teachers, State Police and school service personnel. (WCHS/WVAH)

The House Finance Committee approved larger pay raises for teachers, West Virginia State Police and school service personnel.

On Wednesday, committee members OK’d a 2 percent increase for teachers in the first year and 1 percent annually over the next three years.

Democrats attempted to push through pay raises of 3 percent for teachers over the next three years, but that failed by a vote of 15-9.

Meanwhile, the House Finance Committee also approved a 2 percent pay increase the first year and a 1 percent pay raise the second year for State Police and school service personnel.

Each percentage increase for raises costs $13 million.

The pay raise measures now go to the full House.

Actions in the House on pay raises follows a bill that passed in the Senate on Friday. In the Senate’s version, teachers would receive 1 percent annual pay raises over five years, while State Police and school service personnel would get annual 1 percent pay raises for two years.

Teachers have threatened to strike over concerns about their health insurance and the amount of proposed pay raises.

A resolution has been proposed in the House that seeks to freeze PEIA increases. West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice supports that move. An effort to replace the PEIA’s finance board failed in the House, however.

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