Homeless mom learn about services at Project Homeless Connect


Some homeless people may not be aware of some services they are entitled to receive. That's where Project Homeless Connect steps in, making sure a homeless person doesn't slip through the cracks.

It's cold and snowy along the Ohio River in Huntington. Imagine living outside in those conditions. For a Huntington woman and her 18-year old son it's the grim reality.

"We live on the river bank," said Tina Conley of Huntington. For the past eight months, she and her son has been a tent along the Ohio River in Huntington. Somehow, they live day by day, trying to survive.

"Some days it's real hard when it's cold out. You try to stay warm and it's difficult. It's stressful when you don't have a place to call your own," said Tina. "We make it a lot. We go through some hard stuff but we make it," said Tanner Hedrick, Tina's son.

Tuesday morning Tina and her son came out of the cold to Project Homeless Connect. Dozens of agencies set up shop inside the Big Sandy Superstore Arena in Huntington to make sure homeless folks like Tina and her son know what services are available to them. "Service delivery can be a little complicated, but we are fortunate that our continuim of care collaborates really well together," said Amanda Coleman, Executive Director of the Cabell-Huntington Coalition for the Homeless. "There's some services here I didn't know about," said Tina.

Besides services, free haircuts were also available. That's good news for Tanner who is trying to get a job. "I actually like to look clean, but not homeless so when I go and get a job I will be getting a job," said Tanner.

Tina and her son are still looking for housing. Tanner says he's hoping to get his GED. and perhaps one day join the military.

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