Herbert Hoover High School students see portable classrooms for first time

Herbert Hoover High School students got their first look at the portable classrooms, after the deadly June 2016 floods destroyed their school. (WCHS/WVAH)

Herbert Hoover High School students got their first look at the portable classrooms where they will learn this school year, after the deadly floods last June ruined the school.

The students and teachers have been through quite a lot since the floods and now they finally have a place to call home.

They were skeptical about going to school in portable classrooms but after taking a look at them during an open house on Friday, they're excited to get back to school on Monday.

The new hallways are very different from what Herbert Hoover students are used to.

"It's going to be different and I hope I can find my way around," said Kristen Oxley, who will be a senior this year.

Students will hit the books starting Monday in the portable classrooms in the Elkview Middle School parking lot, after the June 2016 floods destroyed their high school in Falling Rock.

"I loved it there, I really miss it a lot," Oxley said.

Students recall going inside the school after the floods and seeing mud and water all over the place where they made memories with friends.

"It was sad, it was devastating then going down the road and seeing everyone in Clendenin and seeing all the houses flooded,” said Austin Stafford who will be a Senior.

On Friday, students went room to room with their new schedules in hand and parents by their side to talk with teachers.

At first, most students were concerned about going to class in portables but they were pleasantly surprised at what they saw when they went inside the classrooms.

"They're nice, they are a lot bigger than I thought they would be," Stafford said.

"It's a lot better than the regular classes in the school,” said Zach Spencer who will be a Junior.

"They're really nice, good air conditioning, big classrooms," Oxley said.

Last school year, the Huskies had to share the Elkview Middle School building and each school had half days.

“It was crowded. I had to be rushed all over the place. One of my classes was on one end of the school and the other was on the other end so I didn't really have much time,” Spencer said.

"It wasn't awful going half days. I mean it was good because we didn't have to get up bright and early in the morning but we also didn't have much time for homework because you got home later," Stafford said.

Now they will have their own place to call home and will have full days.

Seniors think their final year will still be a great experience because they will be together and remain Huskies.

"It’s still the school, still the same people we were at the old school so how much different can it be," Stafford said.

"I think it will all be the same, it brings us all close together," Oxley said.

Contractors will still be completing small projects around the portables for the first month of school.

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