Heat wave set to begin

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An official heat wave is marked by three straight days of 90+ degree temperature. One may begin as soon as Saturday in our area. Actually most of Saturday is fine for our region; the day will start cool near 60 and the humidity won't get too high. However, sun filtered through high clouds will push temperatures well into the 80s in the afternoon. We're going for an official high of 90 but it's possible we come up a degree or two short. Either way, it will be a hot but not unbearable day...and the weather should be great for the Tour De Coal kicking off at 10 A.M.

One thing to note is a storm complex up in Michigan that will drop into Ohio during the day. This will likely move through Columbus but then start to fall apart as it heads south of I-70. There's a chance some raindrops can make it to route 50 late in the afternoon Saturday but the majority of us will be dry. That parade of storms coming out of the Great Lakes will be key in how hot it gets around here Sunday and Monday. Assuming we miss out on that activity temperatures should reach around 95 degrees...and with winds picking up from the west and transporting in higher dewpoints we'll have a "feels-like" temperature approaching 100 Sunday and Monday. That gets us into Heat Advisory criteria in the valleys so don't be surprised to see one issued. Definitely slow it down for Father's Day and stay hydrated...but you can still have that cookout for Dad. Storm-wise, the best chance would be in eastern WV as any complexes would likely get pushed that way by a strengthening ridge. There's a chance a canopy of cirrus clouds spreads in here...if that happened it would still be hot but we might keep temperatures down a hair. For now, I'd plan on a 95 degree day.

***Above are some heat-safety tips to keep in mind for Sunday to Tuesday when the heat index is up around 100.***

Monday and Tuesday will be just as hot with perhaps a better chance for some isolated afternoon storms to provide relief but not much. We'll have to wait on a cold front coming out of the north to bring some widespread shower/storm chances either late Tuesday or more likely Wednesday on West Virginia Day. Hopefully that front pushes south of us and we get a break in the humidity by the end of next week...although it's possible it losses momentum.

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