Greenup County teacher seen dragging student with autism through school

A Greenup County, Kentucky family in shock after video surfacing of a Wurtland Elementary teacher dragging their special needs son through the hallway. (WCHS/WVAH)

A Greenup County, Kentucky family in shock after video surfacing of a Wurtland Elementary teacher dragging their special needs son through the hallway

"I was horrified, when I saw it," mom, Angel Nelson said. "I couldn't believe that she would drag him."

Nelson posted the video on her Facebook page of the disturbing incident that happened in October.

"I feel like I needed to go to social media for my child to have a voice, to let others know what happened and that it doesn't go away," Nelson said.

In it, you can see who we're told is 9-year-old Alan Jackson being dragged through the hall by former teacher Trina Abrams.

"It broke my heart when I saw the video and I saw all of his new friends and classmates along the wall watching him being dragged down the hallway."

Alan's stepfather, Calep Nelson said Alan's has been diagnosed with autism ADHD, PTSD, anxiety and depression and has limited speech.

"I've seen him truly at his worst and it's never called him for being dragged down the hallway like that," Calep said.

The Greenup County School district said Abrams is not longer at the school and released the following statement.

The Greenup County School District prioritizes the safety of our students. The district followed established safety protocol as soon as this situation became known. The parent was contacted immediately and the student was assessed by the school nurse and referred for outside medical evaluation. Child Protective Services was contacted and the Kentucky State Police opened an investigation. The teacher was removed from the school and a formal investigation was conducted. The superintendent also followed protocol and reported the incident to the Kentucky Education Standards Board. The EPSB determines whether or not a teacher keeps their teaching certificate. All GCSD staff are trained to prevent incidents of restraint. Each school has a specially trained team to address immediate issues. In addition, each school has teachers specially trained to address autism related behaviors.

"For a trained professional to just rip what he had gained like that it took his confidence,"Nelson said.

According to Kentucky State Police, Abrams is charged with assault of the fourth degree and is no longer at the school. The parents now hoping to raise awareness so it doesn't happen again.

"As to parents, all I can say is if something like this ever happens, be vigilant and don't stop until you get answers. that's what we're trying to do," Calep said.

Kentucky State Police said this investigation is still ongoing. Abrams is expected to appear in court on Wednesday.

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