Governor announces "Jim's Dream" program to help curb drug epidemic

In governor Jim Justice's third state of the state address he unveiled what could be one of his biggest ideas yet. (WCHS/WVAH)

In Gov. Jim Justice's third State of the State Address he unveiled what could be one of his biggest ideas yet.

"I'm going to call it Jim's Dream," Justice said Wednesday at the capitol. "I want it to be just that."

He said the program will be focused on rehabilitation and workforce training for life after addiction. Justice said this year the state has the largest surplus in the state's history. He wants to dedicate $20 million of those dollars to Jim's Dream. He said during a press conference Thursday the money allocated is already available.

"It's coming from money we already have," Justice said. "This is a one time deal. Every bit of what we are talking about is obtainable."

The money will be used for equipment and vocational training. The goal is to get people out of treatment facilities and into the workforce by giving them the proper training to succeed. Justice also wants to delegate part of those funds to prevention programs in West Virginia Schools and treatment facilities.

He added those who complete the program will be able to get misdemeanors expunged from their records, which can help graduates of the program get into the workforce.

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