Gallia County wants to assign a deputy to investigate illegal dumping cases

The Gallia County Sheriff's Department wants to assign a deputy to investigate cases of illegal dumping in the county. (WCHS/WVAH)

Authorities in Gallia County, Ohio, are looking to crack down on illegal trash dumping in rural areas of the county. It's gotten to be such a problem in Gallia County that now the sheriff's department is looking to assign a deputy to investigate those cases.

"I certainly think if he does his job right, I think that would be wonderful. I think it would have an impact," Mary Niday of Gallia County said.

Niday hopes the impact is soon felt in her area of Gallia County because down the road from her house is an area where people have dumped trash for many years.

"It's terrible. It's an insult to the people that live around here. Trash everywhere," Niday said.

Inday and her husband own the property where trash is being dumped.

"If they want to trash up their property, let them trash theirs," she said.

Over the years, the couple has seen some unusual items in the area.

"When he got through and he left and we went down to check, he had scraped out his license plate," Niday said.

That area isn't the only area in Gallia County dealing with illegal dumping. Down the road from the Nidays' property someone left a couch and an animal carcass.

"There's piles everywhere you look basically. Down over hillsides is the worst. We see it along the road," said Jesse Mullins, who works in Gallia County.

A state grant of $20,000 will pay for the deputy.

"I think that would be a good idea. It might slow it down at the very least," Mullins said.

The deputy assigned to investigate those illegal dumping cases is expected to be chosen sometime in the next few weeks.

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