Fugitive Files still going strong after 10 years on the air

November marks ten years of success with the Fugitive Files on Eyewitness News. (WCHS/WVAH)

November marks the ten year anniversary of the Fugitive Files. For a decade now, viewers have had the power to clean up their streets.

It's been the mission at Eyewitness News to make sure viewers have a voice in their community.

Every week, members of the Charleston police department and Kanawha County Sheriff's Office work to follow up on tips called in Tuesday night on three fugitives in the area.

On any given day, Lt. Eric Drennan says there are 550 active warrants in Kanawha County. They average about 60 arrests a month.

"The Fugitive Files has really helped us as far as getting tips when we don't have any documentation of where these people are," Drennan says. "These people don't stay in one location very often. You can't just go to the address on the warrant and they are there. Most of the time, they move from house to house, get evicted out of houses. They're sleeping on couches at their buddy's house."

Drennan is approaching 1,200 arrests since joining the warrant's division in 2015. He says, more often than not, it's innocent neighbors falling victim.

"There might be a lot of heavy drug traffic coming in and our of their neighborhood and they want these people gone," he says.

Since 2007, viewers have helped the law enforcement arrest 845 fugitives.

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