Flats on 4th in Huntington to be torn down

    Abandoned Flats on 4th in Huntington is set to be torn down. (WCHS/WVAH)

    An abandoned property in Huntington known for criminal activity is slated to be torn down after fencing was put up in hopes of keeping people out.

    Many people in the city are calling the fencing effort around Flats on 4th a joke and are happy to see the building go.

    "It doesn't even keep my dog out, it's not going to keep anybody out," said Huntington resident, David Williams.

    Some people are not happy about the new orange plastic fencing placed around the abandoned building.

    "I was hoping it would be a something a little stronger than what's up there because that lasted maybe one day," said Ted Kluemper, a businessman in Huntington.

    The fencing was put up after the property fell into bankruptcy causing abandonment and housing broken glass, squatters making it a place for crime and drug activity.

    Kluemper said he would be happy to see the building torn down.

    "I'm more concerned about the parents and stuff who come to visit their children and they go to walk downtown and they have to walk by something like this," Kluemper said.

    With pressure from city officials, the owner of the property, JP Morgan Chase Bank, plans to sell the building to a company in Indiana that intends to tear it down for future development.

    "It's the safe thing to do," Williams said. "It's productive property. It's also one of the first places that people see when they come to a Marshall football game or they come down to it. It's a big representative of our city."

    City officials said the bank will sell the building for $300,000 to the company but there will be a brief period where other interested parties can make a higher bid.

    "It needs to go and something new and productive needs to take its place. Huntington is growing and it's looking better and we need to keep going forward with that," Williams said. "Right now, this is holding us back."

    City officials say an order to approve the sale of the property is expected to be entered within 30 days.

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