Elkview businesses losing money because of phone and internet outage

Internet and phone outage causing issues for businesses. (WCHS/WVAH)

Imagine trying to do your job without the internet or a working phone. That's the case in Elkview as some of the areas have been without those services since Saturday.

Multiple Elkview businesses said each day they are without phone and internet, it is costing them money.

"The minimum would be $500 a day," said Special Occasions Unlimited Owner, Pauline Stricker. "This is the sixth day."

Pauline Stricker is a Florist and said while they can make flower arrangements, they can't get the calls or online orders, and they can't accept a popular form of payment - credit cards.

The business has been sending out orders they get and plan to charge their customers once the system is up and running, but Stricker said she is fearful.

"If the credit cards are declined then they may not answer their phones, I have no proof of that," Stricker said.

Just Down the road, Elk River Automotive Owner Gary Pauley said the past week has been frustrating

"All repair manuals, all my credit card machines, all my computer data is on the internet," Pauley said .

His customers have been put in a pickle this week, having to pay cash or wait to pick up their car.

"People can't pay and a lot of people their only option is credit card and it cost them more to go to the bank to get a cash withdrawal," Pauley said.

According to Frontier Communications, the outage was caused by a tree falling on the power lines and catching fire. The company apologized for the inconvenience and said the outage is very extensive as well as a difficult repair, because of the rough terrain. It's caused crews to carry many of the items they need up the hillside.

A Frontier spokesperson said they believe phone and internet services should be back up by Thursday evening.

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