Elizabeth Warren campaigns in OH for Democratic gubernatorial candidate

Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts waves to a crowd at Ohio University. (WCHS/WVAH)

With Mid-Term Elections on Tuesday, Republicans and Democrats are doing everything they can to get voters to the polls and to vote for their candidates.

Thursday afternoon Democratic Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren came to Ohio to campaign for Democrat Richard Cordray who is hoping to be Ohio's next governor.

Dozens packed Walter Hall at Ohio University in Athens to hear the Massachusetts Senator explain why they should vote for Cordray instead of his opponent in the governor's race, Attorney General Mike DeWine.

She told the crowd that Republicans see this election as another try to take health care away from millions and those with pre-existing conditions, adding that Cordray will be fighting for the people government is not working for.

"For me that is what this whole election is about, the election in Ohio, the elections all across this country. It's this fundamental question of who do you think government should work for," said Senator Warren, D-Massachusetts.

On his web site Mike DeWine says he supports coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. A DeWine spokesperson says if Richard Cordray's recipe for winning the election is to remind voters he has ultra-liberal friends in Washington, then I like Mike DeWine's odds.

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