Dunbar man suspected in more than a dozen break-ins identified through social media

Dunbar police charge Christopher Campbell with daytime burglary on Tuesday after a string of break-ins throughout the city. (West Virginia Regional Jail)

Dunbar police arrested a man they think is responsible for more than a dozen thefts in the city.

Christopher Campbell is charged with daytime burglary.

On Tuesday night, police arrested him at a home on 16th Street after searching for him for several weeks. They say they got a search warrant for the home and found numerous items they believe have been stolen. Police say more charges could be filed.

Police recovered power tools, appliances, even a camera. Bailes said many of the items were most likely stolen, assuming the owners might not notice they were even missing like Ross Harrison's leaf blower.

"I went down to the building to get it and noticed that the lock was gone, so I realized the building has been broken in to," Ross Harrison said.

The search for Campbell started after a man posted a picture of a man in a camouflage jacket on social media and said the person pictured was breaking into garages in the north-west part of town.

Police said they received numerous tips from the public that identified the man in the picture as Campbell and were soon able to get enough information for a warrant for his arrest.

Campbell was arrested Tuesday night after police found him at a home on 16th street and discovered many of the items reported stolen over the last few weeks.

They said Campbell was caught trying to escape out of a back window of the home.

"First of all I feel violated. This has been my home since April of 1976. I never had anything like this happen ever," Harrison said.

Police Chief Jess Bailes said 11 reports were filed but there were numerous others who called to report things had been stolen but didn't file an official report.

"It is evident of the drug problem. It is an easy way to get quick cash so they will steal items like that where it is easy to sell, easy to pawn and people are less likely to keep track of the serial number," Bailes said.

Harrison said he still feels safe in his home and keeps an eye out for his neighbors, but his biggest concern is for Campbell and people willing to take from others.

"if this is a person who needs some kind of help, mentally, physically, emotionally, to get themselves kind of quote-unquote put back together I hope that's offered to them as well," Harrison said.

Campbell is currently being held in the South Central Regional Jail.

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