Disturbing child abuse case makes way through Mason County Circuit Court

    Photo shows injury on a child in a disturbing child abuse case in Mason County. (Photo Courtesy of Julie Mitchell)<p>{/p}

    A Mason County woman is facing charges after court records said she withheld food from a child, struck the child with a belt and held the child underwater in a cold bath.

    Roxanne Bonecutter is charged with child abuse resulting in bodily injury, child neglect creating substantial risk of serious bodily injury and child neglect creating substantial risk of bodily injury.

    The indictment said between April and May, Bonecutter struck a 7-year-old child in her care with a belt, causing bruising. Bonecutter also is accused of shoving or holding the victim underwater while making the child take a cold bath and withholding food from the child.

    The disturbing case has the victim's grandmother on a crusade.

    "There were times that she fed her child and my granddaughter didn't get anything to eat," Julie Mitchell said.

    Mitchell said the child told her father and the news was related to her, her mother and her daughter about what Bonecutter had allegedly done.

    Mitchell said the 7 year old is staying with her other grandparents, as the case against Bonecutter continues to make its way through the court system in Mason County.

    "I just want to take (children), protect them and take them somewhere safe that nobody can be around to hurt them again," Mitchell said.

    Eyewitness News reached out to Bonecutter for a response on the child abuse charges against her, but was unable to make contact.

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