Missing 3-year-old boy in Jackson County found safe

Officials say Makilynn Cole Berry, a missing 3-year-old boy, has been found safe. (Jackson County Sheriff’s Office)

A missing 3-year-old Jackson County boy has been found safe.

Search crews located Makilynn Cole Berry on Tuesday morning. The boy walked away from his home on Bonny Knob Lane about 7:15 p.m. Monday.

A massive search had been under way to locate the boy. Investigators said they estimated there were anywhere between 400 to 500 people searching for the boy since Monday evening.

"The number of troopers, city officers, county officers, volunteers, firemen from probably close to every county in the state. I couldn't even come close mentioning everybody, let alone the civilians. I'm going to guess we've had 400-500 people up there since 8 o'clock last night," Jackson County Sheriff Tony Boggs said.

Boggs said a family located the missing child in a hay field in the Savannah Oaks subdivision about three miles from his home. Boggs said the boy looks "good, looks healthy and looks happy."

Neighbors had been searching for the boy.

"This is the best response and best outcome of any search I've been involved with," Boggs said.

Investigators said it appears the boy wandered from the home.

"I think it was truly one of those moments that we've all been capable of having. You turn your head and then 'uh oh.' And it appears that that's what this is. And again, it took us a long time, but the conclusion was exactly what we were looking for," the sheriff said.

Jackson County deputies are continually searching for a missing child in the Kenna area.

Deputies said Makilynn Cole Berry, a 3-year-old boy, walked away from his home on Bonny Knob Lane about 7:15 p.m. Monday. They say he was last seen playing with a dog. The dog was found up the road, but the boy has not been found.

West Virginia State Police describe the boy as having sandy brown hair and blue eyes. Troopers said Makilynn was last seen wearing blue shorts with lime green stripes and a lime green T-shirt. The boy was not wearing shoes.

Troopers said the boy goes by Cai.

Deputies have been searching on the ground and in the wilderness. A helicopter also is being used to search from the air. Deputies performed a grid search on foot Tuesday morning. Agencies from multiple counties are assisting in the search.

The American Red Cross has been on the scene assisting the search crew.

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