Couple celebrate anniversary, share advice for long-lasting marriage

Eva and Olof Scott will be celebrating their 50th anniversary this September. (WCHS/WVAH)

Valentine's Day is this week.

A Charleston couple, Eva and Olof Scott, said they believe celebrating the one you love should be an everyday thing not just one day out of the year.

This year is extra special for the Scotts. September marks their 50th anniversary, and they are sharing tips for a long-lasting marriage.

Eva and Olof met at a friends’ wedding in up-state New York back in August 1968.

The relationship blossomed quickly.

By Thanksgiving, Olof took the next step.

"When I got there, I proposed to her and she ended up saying, 'Well, I'll think about it,’ ” said Olof as he recalled the proposal.

Eva did let him know – on Christmas.

“It just clicked,” Eva said. “Something went off in my head that love is a commitment. It's not just a feeling. That's unrealistic and things change over the years, so I said, 'yes.' "

In September 1969, the two tied the knot.

They said faith always brought them together.

The best tips they have for newlyweds is to be supportive of each other, don't let things drag on and, if you have an argument, get over it and restore the peace.

"Because of our faith, we always got back to make our apologies and reconfirm the fact that we love each other,” said Olof Scott. “Love is, as Eva said, a lot more than just a feeling. It's not an emotion. It's a big commitment."

This Valentine’s Day, you won’t see Eva and Olof celebrating. In fact, Eva said she doesn’t like Valentine’s Day.

"The bottom line should be, for everybody, is if you're into Valentine's Day, that should be every day. It shouldn't just be one day out of the year,” Olof said.

Eva and Olof will be celebrating their 50th anniversary this September.

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