Clendenin teen rallies donations for Florence victims

Relief efforts for the Carolinas have begun nationwide and locally in Clendenin. (WCHS/WVAH)

Relief efforts for the Carolinas have begun nationwide and locally in Clendenin.

After seeing countless donations brought in by the truckload when Clendenin was flooded in 2016, Herbert Hoover High School student, Jodi Cameron took it upon herself to pay that act of kindness forward to the Carolinas. The devastation left by Hurricane Florence feels all too familiar to her.

"I wouldn't wish that on anybody, it's a terrible experience to go through," Cameron said.

She, along with much of the Elk River community was impacted the massive flooding in June 2016.

"I hate other people having to go through what we had to go through," Cameron said.

Monday, she said she's in the same position as many of the volunteers that helped her town recover, and she's making moves to do the same for people affected by Florence.

"I'm so excited, I can't wait to get down there and help people," Cameron said.

She made a flyer with a list of things she knows people in the Carolinas are needing right now. Those items include nonperishable food and snacks, along with cleaning supplies.

"A lot of times people don't have time to cook a full meal in a time like this so we want to make sure we take people things that are easy and convenient," Cameron said.

All donations can be taken to Herbert Hoover High school, then Cameron will be delivering them herself to some of the outlying areas where Florence hit the hardest.

"I'd like to go to the smaller towns that aren't getting near as much of attention.... There is no limitation to how many things, I'd like to get as much as i can," Cameron said.

As long as donations keep coming in, All Seasons Self Storage has donated a unit for her to keep the supplies until she is ready to head down to the Carolinas.

All donations can be dropped off at Herbert Hoover High School. Other drop off locations will be announced soon, she said.

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