Shana Trippett wins race as Clendenin mayor

Shana Trippett wins the race for Clendenin mayor against current Mayor, Gary Bledsoe. (WCHS/WVAH)

Shana Trippett was elected mayor of Clendenin in the race against Gary Bledsoe, the current mayor of four years.

On Tuesday, Trippett received 139 votes, and Bledsoe received 94.

Trippett was inspired to run for mayor following the devastating flood last June and plans to continue advancing recovery efforts in Clendenin, as the town begins its second year of rebuilding.

"Flood recovery, of course, is No. 1," Trippett said. "We want our people back, and the other thing is, the lines of communication. I want the people of Clendenin to feel like they can talk to me. I want to walk into a full house in a town council meeting, and I want to be able to bridge those lines whereas I feel like they have been disconnected for a while."

Trippett also is aiming to create more opportunities for people in the town, with the goal of restoring lost businesses and to bring in new businesses.

Meanwhile, there were municipal elections in several other West Virginia communities.

In Spencer, Mayor Terry Williams has won another term as the town's mayor. Williams has been mayor for 40 years, often running unopposed. This year, however, four other candidates were in the race. Williams received a total of 349 votes. Joellen Greenlee came in second with a total of 119 votes.

Marmet also held its election. David Fontalbert will remain as mayor. He beat Jay Snodgrass by a close margin of only four votes.

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