Clay County devastated by flooding, in desperate need of donations

Like many others, Clay County was pummeled by flooding and is now desperate for donations. (WCHS/WVAH photo)

Clay County was one of many counties devastated by flooding and is now desperate for relief.

People around Clay County have no running water, no power and they're running desperately low on food.

Several stations are being set up across the county to hand out supplies but the shipments aren't coming fast enough.

Sherman Pritt's home was floating down stream in Procious. It landed against his garage 20 feet from its foundation.

"I mean it just kept raining," Pritt said.

Pritt was inside his home moments before it broke loose. There's nothing left for him or his family in what used to be their home.

Pritt is one of hundreds suffering across the county.

"We have a lot of places we didn't even know was torn up," Greg Fitzwater said.

Fitzwater is the Clay County Commission President. He took an aerial tour of the county Sunday. He said Procious, Camp Creek and dozens of other small towns are in ruins.

"We had the derecho back in 2012. It was bad, but it wasn't nothing like this," Fitzwater said.

The county is setting up supply stations in Clay, Lizmore, Big Otter and Procious.

Supply lines so far have been sparse. Fitzwater says they need non-perishable food and clean water for every station so people like Pritt can rebuild.

"It's never been this high and it may never get this high again but I hate to take another chance because it does hurt bad. It really does," Pritt said.

The Clay County Commission is setting up dumping sights across the county where flood victims can take ruined furniture and debris.

Fitzwater said it will take months to cleanup.

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