Chesapeake, Ohio, schools focus on safety for the year

    <p>Chesapeake High School faculty members are preparing for their halls to be filled as summer break comes to an end. (WCHS/WVAH){/p}

    Chesapeake High School faculty in Lawrence County, Ohio, is preparing for the the school's hallways to be filled as summer break comes to an end.

    "I'm looking forward to having the ones I know and getting to know the ones I don't," English teacher John Adams said.

    Adams has been a teacher at Chesapeake for the past 10 years and said he is ready for the new year.

    "(I) prepare for homework the first couple of weeks so they know what's going on and kind of get a head start into the first six weeks," Adams said.

    The biggest concern this year is school safety.

    "A couple things we've been working on is school safety, which is our No. 1 priority so we've been working with the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department to have a deputy throughout our building all day every day throughout our district," Principal Chris Smith said.

    Smith hopes extra security will put everyone more at ease and focus on learning.

    "Obviously, we want our students to learn that's the whole reason they're here, but the first thing we have to provide for them is their safety and security that's number one, so if anything we can do to provide for that we'll take the extra step to do that," Smith said.

    While the number one focus for teachers is student education, faculty members want parents to know their kids are being taken care of while they are at school.

    "We have to make sure from above and beyond that they're safe from within and from many forces without. I mean anything from bullying to a shooter we've gotta make sure they're safe," Adams said.

    Principal Smith said they hope to find out about the extra security officer for the school soon.

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