Charleston police hybrid unit arrests 10 in sting in Capitol Market, Smith Street area

The Charleston Police Department's hybrid unit conducts an undercover sting in the Capitol Market and Smith Street area and arrests 10 people. (Bing Map)

Charleston police’s hybrid unit, a day after conducting a sting at the Charleston Town Center, arrested 10 people in an undercover sting in the Smith Street/Capitol Market area.

The hybrid unit received multiple complaints from the Capitol Market about trespassing, drug use in the bathrooms and theft from the market, according to a news release from the Charleston Police Department. Patrol officers advised they received complaints about homeless people harassing children for money when they got off the school bus in the area.

"We're not going to stop until we stop getting these complaints," Lt. Autumn Davis said.

Workers at the Capitol Market said it has become a nuisance for businesses.

"It's annoyance. It doesn't need to be happening," Soho's employee Russell Kerns said. "There's already been signs posted up, says no soliciting, no standing, whatever have you not. But it's never going to end."

Police said there were two new charges – a summons for littering and simple possession of marijuana - 15 municipal warrants and one state warrant.

The sting was conducted at the direction of Charleston Police Chief Steve Cooper “in a continued effort to address quality of life issues in the city," police said.

Police identified those arrested and their charges as:

* Stephanie Nichole Arthur, state warrant for trespassing.

* George Warren Dickerson III, seven municipal warrants – four for open container, obstructing, disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

* Kevin Douglas Esque, municipal warrant for public intoxication.

* Logan Henderson, three municipal warrants (two for trespassing and one for obstructing).

* Steven Michael Jarrell, municipal warrant for trespassing.

* John Michael Johnston, municipal warrant for trespassing.

* Alexander Tygankov Skeens, two municipal warrants (trespassing and no operators).

* Barry Rodgers, littering summons.

* Shicole Hill, simple possession of marijuana.

* Amanda Oakes, trespassing summons.

On Wednesday, police conducted a sting and said people are being arrested for a slew of charges including drug possession, shoplifting and disorderly conduct.

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