Charleston mayor and mayor-elect prep for transition of power

Mayor Danny Jones and mayor-elect, Amy Goodwin are already working on the upcoming transition of power. (WCHS/WVAH)

Charleston Mayor Danny Jones and mayor-elect Amy Goodwin are already working on the upcoming transition of power.

Jones first took office nearly 16 years ago. He said there is a lot he knows now that he didn't know when he was first elected, and he wants to pass some of that knowledge onto Charleston’s next administration.

In just two months, Jones’ final term as Charleston’s mayor will end, and Goodwin’s first term begins.

"She has a lot of energy, a lot more than I do," Jones said. "I was a lot younger man when I first came here, and now I think it's good that we have a younger person, that has a younger team."

An important task for Goodwin before taking office is picking the right people to help her run the city.

"My position here is to give my perspective on my view of what goes on from inside the city, and also some of the functions of the different offices and their personalities." Jones said.

In their Thursday night meeting, Jones said he wants Goodwin to know how multifaceted the job really is.

"I never knew it, when I was sheriff, I had a powerful position. I never dreamed the mayor's job would be like it is and the absolute power you have and what's expected of you,” Jones said.

Jones said there will be mundane duties, but also a lot excitement to the job.

"The Civic Center is new. She has a background in tourism, that can work to the advantage of the city, and I think, I don't speak for Amy, but that's her passion, and we share that passion of trying to bring people here who haven't been here before,” Jones said.

Jones has given Goodwin a parking spot and a meeting room at City Hall so she can go ahead and get started as she prepares to take over in January.

Jones said this meeting will be their first of many between now and when Goodwin takes office in 2019.

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