Charleston lawyer says he alerted correctional officers of inmate escape on Wednesday

Kevin Davis says he alerted correctional officers of an inmate escape at South Central Regional Jail on Wednesday after a client called him with the information. (WCHS/WVAH)

A Charleston lawyer exclusively tells Eyewitness News that he alerted correctional officers at the South Central Regional Jail that an inmate had escaped on Wednesday, days before authorities and the public were notified.

Kevin Davis, of the Lawfirm of Kevin P. Davis, says he has a client at the jail who called him frantically on Wednesday morning saying he had "life or death" information that he needed to share to with him.

Davis says he went to the jail Wednesday around 4:00 p.m. to meet with his client who alerted him of the escape. Davis says his client feared retaliation in the jail from other inmates and was scared to come forward with the information. "He gave me some information and wanted to keep it silent so he didn't get beat up in his pod," he says.

The client told Davis that "Todd with his fingers shot off" had escaped. Todd Boyes was involved in a police pursuit in Charleston in February and was shot in the hand by police.

Boyes has been identified as the escaped inmate by regional jail officials. State police say they were not notified of the escape until around 12:30 a.m. on Friday. Shortly after, an alert was sent to the public to be on the lookout for Boyes.

"I wrote a note after my client left the area where we interview, where I interviewed him. I handed the note to a guard and there were two other female guards present. He put the note in his pocket and I guess the didn't do anything," he says. "When I handed it to him, he opened it up, I watched him read it and then he folded it back up and put it in his pocket and nothing happened."

"It upsets me because I've got kids in the area and, of course, I want the public to stay safe. If they're not doing their job and they're not making sure people don't escape, especially if they're dangerous, armed and dangerous, I mean, it's a real concern of mine. That's the reason why, even after talking to one of my clients where the attorney-client privilege applies, it was one of those situations that I had to let the jail know that somebody had escaped from Charlie 5 and they apparently did nothing," Davis says.

Davis says the recorded jail conversations with his client will prove the story.

"My client wanted me to tell but he did not want me to use his name and I'm not going to for fear of his own safety within the jail. He wanted it reported because he too, even though he is in jail, he wanted the public safe," the lawyer says.

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