Café featuring fresh, local food to open in South Charleston

Café Appalachia is located inside an old church. (WCHS/WVAH)

A new place to enjoy farm fresh and locally grown food is opening in South Charleston.

It's called Café Appalachia, and it's located inside an old church.

The non-profit is part of One World Everybody Eats.

The cafe and coffee house will have a different menu every day.

"The concept is to show people that someone who doesn't have a lot of money can get a really good meal, but the other thing is food waste, so everything that is left turns into another meal the next day,” said Cheryl Laws with Café Appalachia.

All items are a suggested donation price, which means someone can bus tables, take out the trash or work in the garden to pay for their meal.

"You don't know if you paid 20 dollars for yours [meal] and someone beside you is going to bus tables after they eat,” Laws said. “It's an opportunity of people of all walks of life to come together and have conversations that will hopefully start healing the community."

A majority of the food is grown in Institute, and the food is described as a gourmet, healthy twist on comfort food.

"I'm going to employ women who are coming out of long-term recovery to give them a second chance at life,” Laws said. “My head chef is a recovering addict as well as my barista, and they're in long-term recovery and this is their second chance."

There are 62 of these types of cafes, but this is the first one in West Virginia.

On Monday, owners will hold a grand opening ceremony.

The cafe is located at 206 D Street in South Charleston.

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