Cabell County man in abortion case involving 11 year old to have final hearing in June

Michael Adkins sits in Cabell County Circuit Court Monday morning for a probation violation hearing. (WCHS/WVAH)

A Cabell County man who was sentenced to five years on probation in a case in which he impregnated and forced an abortion upon an 11-year old girl was in court Monday morning.

Michael Adkins was in Cabell County Circuit Court for a probation violation hearing. Adkins' probation officer testified that his girlfriend had two black eyes and Adkins initially lied but later admitted to hitting her.

The officer said he was also discharged from his mandatory sex offender treatment and saw Adkins driving despite not having a license.

The judge found probable cause and Adkins will have a final hearing in June.

Adkins will stay in jail.

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