Anti-vaccine billboard going up in WV and other states

This billboard from the group "Learn the Risk" can be seen across West Virginia and several other states. (COURTESY: Learn the Risk)

Health experts say West Virginia has one of the highest vaccination rates in the country among school-aged children, but some groups are questioning the ingredients in vaccines and using billboards to get out their message.

In recent days drivers on Hal Greer Boulevard in Huntington may have noticed a billboard from the California-based group Learn the Risk. similar billboards are going up across West Virginia and several other states.

"Parents are not told really the risk and basically the lack of benefits of vaccines. I want parents to make an educated decision," said Brandy Vaughan, Founder and Executive Director of Learn the Risk.

Billboards from West Virginians for Health Freedom have now replaced those billboards, but with the same message for parents.

"They may offer protection, but at the same time they may offer a risk, and so if we don't know who is at risk everyone should know what those risks are," said Dr. Chanda Adkins, a pharmacist and member of the West Virginians for Health Freedom Board of Directors.

"It's not the vaccines fault," said Dr. Michael Kilkenny of the Cabell-Huntington Health Department. He highly recommends vaccines because he says studies have show they do more good than harm, pointing out that any issues with vaccines may have a medical explanation, or no explanation.

"My taking a vaccine doesn't just help me. It helps other people. My not taking a vaccines doesn't just put me at risk. It puts other people at risk," said Dr. Kilkenny.

"All vaccines are not safe for everybody. Our DNA is different. Not everybody can take the same medicine and be OK with that. It's the same thing with vaccines," said Dr. Adkins.

Look for more billboards in the future as the debate over vaccines shows no sign of ending any time soon.


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