Animal shelters extremely busy following Fourth of July fireworks

Suzanne Maldonado's two dogs each reacted differently to Wednesday's fireworks.

July 5 is one the busiest days of the year for animal shelters.

Independence Day is over, but some continue to set off fireworks in the days following. The loud noise often can leave your pets a nervous wreck.

“I'm sure the minute they went off behind him, he'd be gone," said Suzanne Maldonado, who recently moved to the area with her family and two dogs.

While Rufus was pretty calm during the fireworks, her other dog was not.

"The little one - he actually turns his head every time. He was a little bit more hyper," Maldonado said.

The Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association said it's been a busy week with plenty of animals around the region getting spooked and running away.

"By mid-afternoon today, we already saw double the animals we took in on Tuesday," said Adam Cunningham of the Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association.

But as the Independence Day festivities continue, even after the Fourth of July has passed, veterinarians said there are things you can continue to do to keep your pets calm. Dr. Jennifer Snider said there are plenty of pet-friendly medications to help with these issues.

"It's always better to give anxiety medications before they're upset," Snider said. "When they're already worked up like that and you give them a medication, they override it."

You should anticipate if and when your pet might get anxious and plan accordingly.

"We walk them before the fireworks started happening, and as soon as the fireworks died down, we walked them afterwards," Maldonado said.

And just in case the unexpected does occur, one of the best ways for you to reconnect with your dog is to have them microchipped.

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