AAA official shares four things to do to get your vehicle prepared for cold weather

AAA Retail Manager Greg Beheler said checking the air pressure in your tires is a must to be prepared for the cold weather. (WCHS/WVAH)

The cold weather could take a toll on your vehicle.

AAA officials share how you can get your vehicle prepared when cold temperatures strike again.

“The morning of, you're likely to wake up to some really cold temperatures and your car may not start,” AAA Retail Manager Greg Beheler said.

Beheler said there are four things to check before getting on the road in the cold weather. The first is your battery, and it's the number one call AAA receives on cold days.

“In the winter weather, your car battery can decrease its cranking power by 30 to 60 percent,” he said. “It's important that if you've got a battery over three years old, you get it inspected by a certified technician.”

Beheler said drivers can check their battery at home themselves. He said to make sure all the cables are tight and corrosive free.

The second thing you should check are your tires.

“During winter months, your tire pressure can drop one to two pounds per square inch for every 10 degrees,” Beheler said.

You can find out what your tires should be set at by looking in your owner’s manual or the sticker inside the driver-side door.

“There's also a sticker inside your door that would tell you what the proper PSI would be for your tire,” Beheler said. “They make a lot of different tire pressure gauges today. This is the old fashion one, which you simply just stick on and get a reading and you can read that right there.”

Beheler said the third thing to inspect is your vehicle’s cooling system.

“You want to look at your coolant container, this overflow reservoir,” he said. “Usually there's a line to indicate when it’s low or full. You want to check that out. If you need to add coolant, you want to make sure that you have a good 50/50 mixture of water and coolant to add to that.”

The fourth item to look at is your wiper blades. If they aren't cleaning your windshield 100 percent, it’s time to change them.

“Just raising these up and leaving them overnight when you're through driving, that will keep that from freezing to your windshield and give you a little quicker start to your morning,” Beheler said.

Having a safety kit can also be handy. That should include additional winter weather clothes, a first aid kit, non-perishable food items, water and even a shovel.

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